Henry Maske


Since his last fight in the Olympic Hall in 2007, maybe his fists haven't been doing the talking for him - but his legs certainly have: Henry Maske took part in the Munich B2Run in 2013. He had long since promised us that he would accept the MOWOS honour when he was next in Munich, and now he's finally done it.

It made perfect sense for Maske to put a fist in the cement where he had fought three World Championship fights in the cruiserweight class at the always sold-out Olympic Hall. All legendary boxing nights ... 1995 the outright victory against Rocchigiani, 1996 the controversial defeat by Vergil Hill and 2007 the come-back for a battle: the successful revenge against Hill.

"No time to say goodbye!", as his prints in the cement will be forever visible on the shore of the Olympic Lake.