06.05.2006: It’s scarcely believable, but Eros Ramazzotti is the first Italian to be immortalised in the Walk of Stars, and in the northernmost town of Italy, of all places...

However, many of his countrymen and women will take a look at his panel on the banks of the Olympic Lake. Eros also likes Munich and he has also been especially successful in the Olympic Hall. One concert is no longer sufficient, it’s usually necessary to put on two.

This was what happened in May 2006: Before the first concert, this outstanding performer pressed his hands into the red cement of Munich. The shy singer had the red carpet put away before the ceremony (“There’s no need for so much fuss”), so he made his appearance in the best of moods. The Italian star is renowned for keeping his feet on the ground, but was visibly moved when Olympiapark GmbH presented him with an FC Bayern shirt and ball.

The ball was immediately put to the test (to the discomfort of a photographer in the first row who received Eros’ quickly taken shot right to the body). Following this intermezzo, the multitalented musician pressed his hands into the cement as the 15 photographers and four camera teams set about recording the event in a storm of flashlights.

MOWOS Committee member Eva Ploder, speaking in Italian, explained to the singer that the Olympic Park was honouring him for having sold 35 million records and selling out so many concerts in Munich.

After signing all the autograph hunters’ books, Eros Ramazzotti left the small Olympic Hall to organize a quick round of penalty shoot-outs backstage. The subsequent concert was enjoyed by 11,000 excited fans in the Olympic Hall.