12.02.2006: Hollywood legend and Oscar winner Liza Minnelli immortalised herself in the Walk of Stars in a Munich luxury hotel.


She is an absolute superstar and a very familiar face to the Munich public too. The virtuoso performer Liza Minnelli sold out the Olympic Hall several times during the 1970s and 1980s. The high point came in 1989 with a joint concert alongside Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis jr. - playing to a packed house on three evenings!


The Hollywood legend has now been honoured for her Munich successes. For this purpose, the MOWOS team drove to a luxury hotel in downtown Munich for the first time.

Logistical skills were called for. Several days in advance, the procedure for transporting the cement to the “Mandarin Oriental” had to be planned meticulously. Would the 90 x 90 cm cement panel fit through all the doors, would the hotel’s trolleys withstand the weight of 110 kg and what precautions would have to be taken to avoid disturbing the international guests from all over the world.


On the day when the superstar from America was to be honoured, the equipment was taken through the hotel kitchens into the VIP room. The MOWOS team, about 15 photographers and five camera teams were there on time, only Liza arrived with a 30 minute delay.



This represented a major challenge for the team looking after the cement: all TV lights had to be switched off because of the great heat otherwise the cement might have set too soon.

But then the swing doors opened and the 1972 Oscar winner (for Cabaret) swept into the room. It was immediately obvious: This is one of the really great showbiz legends. Not many stars can retain so much charm and wit after such an unbelievable career:


1972 Oscar & Emmy

1985 Golden Globe

1991 Stern Magazine “Hollywood Walk of Stars”

2006 “Munich Olympic Walk of Stars”


Liza Minnelli needed to exert all her strength to overcome the resistance of the rapidly setting cement, but she rose magnificently to this challenge too.