10/16/2004: Prior to his concert in the Olympic hall, Lionel Richie immortalized himself in the Munich Olympic Walk of Stars.



As a good-humoured Lionel Richie came into the backstage area of the Olympic hall, the cover group the Soul Legends were waiting for him. A chorus consisting of nine coloured singers sang their own songs to get everyone ready for the hand imprint ceremony. Then the singer took off his rings and bracelets and, grinning broadly, laid both hands in the cement.


Lionel Richie is doubtless one of the most listened to singers of our times. He has sold 100 million albums worldwide. Born on 20 June 1949 in Alabama in the US, he has had 22 hits in the top ten, 13 of them between 1981 and 1987.


He has received five Grammy Awards, one Oscar and the Golden Globe. Richie had plenty of time for the ceremony, interviews and a meet and greet event. He then enthralled his fans in the full Olympic hall with a wonderful concert.