Friendly. Charming. Relaxed. In one word: Pink.

The superstar’s back-to-back open-air concerts at the end of July were some of the major highlights in the summer of 2019, when she rocked the Olympic Stadium in front of a sold out crowd.

Just a few hours before her first gig she took some time off not only for a visit at Munich’s world famous Hofbräuhaus but also but also to perpetuate her hands on the Walk of Stars. Pink, the girl from Pennsylvania with the maiden name Alecia Beth Moore, showed enthusiasm like a little child during the ceremony, presented herself polite and down-to-earth and appreciated a traditional Bavarian gingerbread heart. Later the day she posted a picture on social media, saying: “They gave me a cookie and let me play in the dirt”. Gingerbread heart to whom gingerbread heart is due.