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Olympic Ice Sport Centre

The ice stadium at Oberwiesenfeld opened in 1967 as the first sports centre on the site of what would later become the Olympic Park. It was the venue for table tennis world championships, boxing competitions and basketball matches - but above all, the Olympic Ice Sports Centre was the home arena for the ice hockey cracks of EHC Red Bull Munich until its closure in spring 2024, who will be hunting for goals in the new SAP Garden in future. The training hall will now temporarily become an action sports centre.

When construction began in April 1965, the idea of Munich bidding for the 1972 Summer Games was still a long way off. And when the ice stadium was opened in 1967 with a match between the FC Bayern (!) and SC Riessersee ice hockey teams, propeller planes were still taking off and landing next door at Oberwiesenfeld airfield. In 1969, the hall was the venue for the World Table Tennis Championships, in 1972 the boxers fought for Olympic medals here - and in the 2010/2011 season, FC Bayern's basketball team laid the foundations for their promotion to the Bundesliga here. Over the decades, the ice sports centre has been home to many of Munich's top ice hockey clubs, from EHC 1970 to EC Hedos, the Munich Barons and EHC Red Bull Munich. Until a final decision is made on the future of the now closed ice sports centre, the training hall and, a little later, the ice stadium will be used as an action sports centre from spring/summer 2025, with bouldering, a ninja course and many other facilities..

Event Highlights

Since the Olympic Games in 1972, 4.8 million visitors attended 1,732 events in the Olympic Ice Sport Centre.

Furthermore 11.6 millions guests enjoyed ice skating as well as participating fun sports in the former Action Area in the Olympic Ice Skating Tent until 2003. Since June 2004 the Ice Skating Tent is location of a new attraction: the Olympiapark SoccArena. The Training Hall is home to the top level ice skaters and various ice sports clubs and schools. 

(lasted update 31/12/2023)

1973 EV Füssen/EC Bad Tölz v Soviet Union
1973, 1977 Germany v USA
1975 EV Füssen/EHC München 70 v Soviet Union
1980, 1991 Germany v CSSR
1984, 1985, 1987, 1989 Germany v Soviet Union
1985 Germany v Switzerland
1986 Germany v Canada
1987, 1989 Germany v Sweden
1991 Germany v CSFR
2008 Germany v Finland
2014 Germany v Russia
Major events
2011, 2012 Boxing and Kickboxing: Steko’s Fight Night
2013 X-Games
2014, 2015, 2016 Munich MASH
2014 Electronic Wheelchair World Championship