Olympic Park Munich

There is always something going on in the Olympic Park!

International event centre, sports and leisure park and tourist attraction of world renown - that is the Olympic Park Munich.

It is world-famous, a landmark. It belongs to Munich like the Frauenkirche and the Hofbräuhaus, like the mountains to Bavaria, and it is still today, more than 50 years after the 1972 Summer Olympics, a great attraction for tourists and locals alike. It is a wonderful recreational area with an enormously high recreational value as well as a pulsating event center, a multifunctional event cluster of world renown. The Olympic Park, a phenomenon.

The Olympic Park is a place of life and joy, a place of joie de vivre - and a place with a spectacular range of diverse offerings. Breathtaking sports and action sports events, thrilling music and cultural events, from summer open-air events in the Olympic Stadium to concerts in the Olympic Hall, exhibitions in the Small Olympic Hall, plus rousing festivals and events in the outdoor facilities - the park presents itself as colorful, livable, lovable, in keeping with the spirit of the architects' fathers, who wanted to give the complex a peaceful, friendly and cosmopolitan appearance.

230.4 million registered visitors in total, 130.9 million of them at 15,736 sporting, cultural and commercial events and 99.5 million guests at the leisure and tourism facilities. 34 world championships, 21 European championships and over 100 German championships fill the chronicle. In the year 2023 there were 4.5 million visitors:inside, of which about 2.9 million, 334 events (on 596 event days) visited and about 1.6 million people who used the leisure and tourism facilities. (As at 31.12.2023).

Key Facts

Hans-Jochen-Vogel-Square (formerly Coubertin Square)

Event area max.18,000 m²
Visitors annuallyapprox. 1,000.000
Power supply6 diff. points of delivery
Power rating3 x 2,000 Watts
1,300.000 Watts

flat, asphalted area
Public Restrooms

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Olympic Lake (with Walk of Stars)

Total area86,000 m²
Total length1,120 m
Maximum Width223 m
Volumetric capacity110,000 m³
Maximum water depth1.30 m

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Max. number of seats1,300
Visitors (annually)approx. 127,000
Lake stage280 m²
Power supplyself-contained

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