Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to note your interest in the Olympic Park, its events and what it has to offer.

We hope the following information, in addition to the extensive details on our website, will help you to find your bearings rapidly in the Olympic Park. It gives you the correct contact details and informs you how to gain accreditation for events and to obtain permits for filming or photographing.

It goes without saying that my team and myself are at your disposal if you have any further questions.

Yours sincerely,

Tobias Kohler
Head of Communication & Digital Media

Contact:inside Press and Public Relations

Management/Press spokesman

Tobias Kohler

Phone +49 89 30 67-2017

Deputy management

Alice Kilger

Phone +49 89 30 67-2016

Admission regulations for the Olympic Tower/Olympic Stadium

Free ascent of the Olympic Tower and access to the Olympic Stadium are only possible after prior registration with the Communications/Digital Office. If you wish to visit either location for editorial reasons, please register on weekdays by Email or by Phone +49 89 / 30 67 2017 /-2016.

In urgent, unforeseeable exceptional cases on weekends, you can contact us by phone at the following number: Tobias Kohler +49 172 / 861 87 11.

Please understand that the ticket office staff on site cannot grant you access without the approval of the Communications & Digital Media department.


As a rule, the Communications & Digital Media department only handles press accreditation for Olympiapark München GmbH's own events (e.g. MASH, Sommernachtstraum) or for cooperative events.

Accreditation for external events (e.g. concerts) must be requested from the respective organiser. The respective organiser can be found in the event calendar.

If you would like to be accredited for an event of Olympiapark München GmbH, please inform yourself on the respective websites of our own events or send us an accreditation request by Email to as well as a copy of your press card in due time. Please state in your letter for whom you are reporting and, if applicable, the exact number of persons.

Photo and filming permits

Photo and filming permits can be requested from our Events Department, please submit your request by Email to:

Your contacts are:

Claudia Costa
Phone +49 89 30 67-2001

Marilena Hofmann
Phone +49 89 30 67-2326

Manuela Tontsch
Phone +49 89 30 67-2023

Klara Rebers
Phone +49 89 30 67-2325

Please submit your request for photo or shooting permission at least one week before your planned shoot. Short-term photo or shooting permits can only be issued in absolutely exceptional cases.

To check the possibilities or to issue the photo or shooting permit we need the following information:

  • Date + time
  • Location - where exactly in the Olympic Park do you want to take the pictures.
  • Intended use - where specifically will the material be used. Please note that it may only be used for this specified purpose.
  • Number of persons participating during the shooting.

Note on drone photography

Please note that allowing drones to fly on the premises without permission is a violation of the Olympic Park's open space regulations. In the event that video or photo recordings are made by drones and made publicly available (e.g. on social media channels) without the filming/photographic permission of Olympiapark München GmbH, there is also a risk of violations of copyright and data protection law. We will pursue such infringements and hereby inform you that in the event of such infringements you must expect considerable legal consequences, such as the assertion of claims for injunctive relief, damages and reimbursement of costs.