11/13/2005: They are still active cyclists at the Munich Six Days races but they are already legendary figures. Top sprinter Erik Zabel, manager Sigi Renz and the Swiss Six Days kings Risi and Betschart immortalized themselves during the 42nd Munich Six Days in the Walk of Stars.



For once it was not their fast legs that were wanted. Or at least, not at that moment. And all four of them - i.e. Sigi Renz, Sports Director of the Munich Six Days Race, top cyclist Erik Zabel and the sixfold winners Bruno Risi and Kurt Betschart - thoroughly enjoyed making themselves unforgettable for once with their hands. On 13 November 2005 the Six Days idols immortalized themselves in the Munich Olympic Walk of Stars - in green cement to commemorate Zabel's sprint victories in the Tour de France.


The was the largest stage the MOWOS has yet seen: because over 8000 people were able to see the ceremony live in the Olympic Hall. Cheered by the audience and with his sleeves rolled up, Sigi Renz made the start in the Olympic Hall.


In his active years Renz too won the Munich Six-Days race twice. He then made way for the equally prestigious Erik Zabel, sixfold winner of the Green Jersey in the Tour de France, and the Swiss pair Bruno Risi and Betschaft, who, with their total of 36 joint victories are the most successful Six-Days team ever.

Whether this honour for Erik Zabel, who had already won the Munich 6-Days Race back in 1995 and 2001, was the ultimate motivation for him to win the final exciting race with world champion Robert Bartko and thus to obtain the overall victory, remains a matter for speculation ...