Mark Knopfler


One of the world’s biggest rock and pop stars said Hello in July 2019.

More than four decades after his first concert in Munich, back then in front of a sold-out Circus Krone as the frontman of an emerging band called the “Dire Straits”, who had just conquered the Number One spot in the German Charts with their second studio album “Communiqué”. This time, like in the last 25 years, he came back to Munich on solo tracks, together with his musicians. Of course, Scotland’s Sultan of Swing played lots of his Greatest Hits from his time with the Dire Straits, but also songs from his most recent repertoire.

 Knopfler was very easygoing when he put his hands into the concrete for the Walk of Stars, showing great confidence to tour round the world also at the age of 70 for many more years and to also come back to the Olympic Park for several more times. Shake on it.