Lenny simply did not want to smile. But he looks pretty cool in his shades, even if it is not particularly bright in the catacombs of the Olympic Hall – especially at night. The photographers' wishes just did not come true.


But Lenny´s hands in red cement provide a pretty good picture and the female members of the MOWOS crew were swept off their feet anyway. The tribute in the Walk of Stars was not a result of his appearance, but of his clearly documented success: four Grammies, an MTV Award, a Brit Award, numerous top-ten albums and sell-out concerts – that alone must be worth a paving stone beside the Olympic Lake.


Finally, there was indeed something else to smile about, at least for the exalted company present: Lenny Kravitz spelt his surname wrongly! He coolly smoothed the cement again and signed his name on the slab once more.