Helene Fischer, Andreas Gabalier und Michelle


Once a year, the Olympic Hall becomes a seven-hour hall of celebration for pop music fans. The concerts, which are usually total sell-outs, generally begin in the early afternoon. The success of pop is unbeatable, and there's no sign of its popularity waning.

With such a long-established event, our MOWOS team had to plan quite carefully so that the top stars were also ready for their immortalisation. And here, we've created a fantastic cross-section of the scene: the young, highly successful Helene Fischer, the ever-popular Michelle who already has a long and successful career behind her, and the wild folk-rock'n'roll star Andreas Gabalier from Styria, who's just starting out!

All three stars had already delighted their audiences before good-humouredly plunging their hands into cement back-stage. A few lucky fans were even invited along to witness the event - something they're unlikely to forget for a long time ...