Ozzy Osbourne


The legendary Ozzy Osbourne immortalized before his solo concert in the Olympic Hall.

He has titles like "Prince of Darkness" or "Godfather of Metal", he is surrounded by the aura of madness, he is said to have bitten off the heads of animals on stage and cultivated occult rituals, but above all Ozzy had a great influence on hard rock with his band Black Sabath and is considered a co-founder of metal. It's clear that we've had our eye on this "legendary" legend for a long time, because his numerous appearances at the Olympic Hall were always highlights of rock history.

Well, the eccentric rocker life has left deep traces in Ozzy's body, you can see that on stage, but it's probably even more dramatic in "real" life. At least that was our impression as the Prince of Darkness tripped around the corner anything but regal. His angle of inclination to the front was almost 45 degrees and one was tempted to rush to his aid so that he wouldn't fall over. But the kindly older gentleman, despite all his misgivings, had enough strength to press his hands firmly into the Munich cement. Grimacing, he energetically showed his green palms and wrote "Go crazy with me" over his handprint. Then he tripped away again with mini-steps and a strong body tilt.

Somehow we thought: This is like the Duracell bunnies. For a certain time, he can really rev up again, but when the energy boost wears off, the body, plagued by drugs and alcohol, sinks into itself. But Ozzy is immortal, at least on the shores of the Olympic lake.