The brute rockers from Rammstein were honored for their elaborate shows at the Olympic Hall, which always sell out at record speed.

They’re ambassadors for the German language all over the world and repeatedly base their texts on classical German poetry, even though the crew led by Till Lindemann comes across as somewhat warlike. And so it was at the MOWOS ceremony too: in their oily stage outfits and with either whitened or dark-smeared faces, they entered the room in the backstage area of the Olympic Hall.

But appearances can be deceptive. They’re all really nice and are delighted to see their fans (a group of around 20 of them were allowed to come along and watch). Although pictures of their friendly interaction with everyone involved at the immortalisation ceremony haven’t been released (maybe to preserve their image?), we can confirm that Rammstein are a group of loud, happy, fun and very friendly people who were also absolutely thrilled by their honour.

About an hour before appearing on stage, they spent a lot of time chatting in a very relaxed manner with their fans. Later on stage, the humour vanishes: brutal sounds pierce the hall and controversial lyrics, along with all manner of pyrotechnics, rain down on the enthralled crowd.