11/19/2004: James Last, the inventor of the ‘party sound’, celebrated big successes in the Olympic hall and now cast his hands into cement.

In the 1960’s James Last set out from his hometown Bremen/Germany to begin a unique musical triumph throughout the world.

During his career James Last has received countless awards:

“Goldene Kamera” award – German record award – “Goldenes Grammophon” award – “Ehrenlöwe” award by Radio Luxemburg – Echo Life Award, and the German Federal Cross of Merit (Bundesverdienstkreuz am Bande).

Today, his extraordinary success is hardly measurable. The „party king“, as he is often called, is not even sure himself about how many records he has already released. „Probably about 130-140” he estimates the number of released records before he is being immortalized on the Walk of Stars.

James Last and his band were awarded a special prize for 60 chart albums in Great Britain. James Last is proud of this success – and justifiably so!

On April 17, 2004, the Bremen born super star celebrated his 75th birthday and reinvented himself yet again. On the stylish front cover of his latest CD „They call me Hansi“ he looks really cool in his trendy clothes.

The committee of the MUNICH OLYMPIC WALK OF STARS wishes this extraordinary artist and person the best in all his endeavours and is proud to have his name immortalized on the MOWOS today.