The tennis boom in Germany may be over, but back in the early 1990s Michael Stich inspired not only countless millions on the TV screen, but also tens of thousands of spectators live in the Olympic Hall. The Wimbledon and Davis Cup winner played several times in the Compaq Grand Slam in the Olympic Hall and in 1992 he won this tournament that once offered the highest prize money in the world.


And Michael was also a regular guest in the Olympic Park for other reasons during his days in Munich. He was often an enthusiastic supporter of both football (FC Bayern Munich) and ice hockey (EC Hedos), usually along with the complete Bundesliga Team from MTTC Iphitos.


The tribute to the successes in the Olympic Park of the former tennis idol came as part of an exhibition match against his old adversary Henry Leconte. Once again, the two of them enjoyed an exciting time on court and made the transition from the sand of the Centre Court to the cement of the MOWOS without any difficulty. This means that both the Wimbledon Men's Singles Champions from Germany are now immortalised in the Munich Olympic Walk of Stars.