Something that the Olympic Park can be really proud of! The MOWOS (Munich Olympic Walk of Stars) Team has really landed a big fish this time. Stars don’t come much bigger than this: Sir Elton John has pressed his exceptionally gifted hands into the Munich cement.


There was great jubilation when the word of consent was received from Elton’s management one day before his sell-out concert in the Olympic Hall. Nevertheless, none of those involved were prepared to believe in this success until the great Elton John was actually standing in front of them – as a few disappointments had already been experienced in five years of MOWOS.


Fittingly for the Red Piano Tour, the cement mixers from the Olympic Park poured red cement to form the square plaque. The scene of the action this time was only a few yards from the star’s dressing room and his management specifically requested latex gloves to protect his fingers for the subsequent piano playing.


And then Sir John appeared, good-humoured, friendly and relaxed in a black Adidas tracksuit. And the gloves? Oh, what the heck! Hands straight into the cement, nice and simple – the ice was broken and a photo opportunity with the team was another great honour! Quite a few really big stars are just like that – often much more relaxed than you would imagine.