11/25/2005: Norway's top stars a-ha laid their hands in Munich cement just after their wildly acclaimed concert in the Olympic Hall.

Once again a premiere in the Walk of Stars. For the first time the stars wanted to immortalize themselves immediately after their performance. As a result it was midnight by the time the three Norwegian cult musicians appeared from their dressing rooms (after a shower?). Just before, these pop idols - famous back in the 80s - had just played their third concert in the Olympic Hall after their jubilant comeback in 2000. Although they were now somewhat calmer, Morten, Magne and Pål still looked slightly tired as they walked over the red carpet. However, after being greeted and instructed in the procedure, the boys from a-ha went through the MOWOS programme with ease and competence.

Among the audience were about 30 fans who had won a Meet & Greet competition on the Bayern 3 radio show. In all, there were around 50 persons watching the small a-ha event and they clapped enthusiastically at the end of the ceremony.

Afterwards, it became obvious that Morten's popularity continues as ever. And his two group mates took advantage of that. While the crowd was all around their heart-throb taking photos and getting autographs, Magne and Pål soon made their getaway and left the "hard" work to their front man, who patiently obliged his fans despite the late hour ...