Another MOWOS premiere: Two immortalised marks from totally different genres – music meets sport. Genesis and Boris Becker! Yes, but how did that come about? Clearly BB must have been in the VIP stand. Only: It wasn't quite so spontaneous although both had been keenly hoping for inclusion for quite a long time.


Clearly, Genesis was on the schedule and then a request came in from a TV production company that was planning the first edition of a program with the working title "Boris Becker meets...". And Boris Becker's first guests in the new show on German TV (Pro Sieben) were to be Genesis. Great, two legendary birds with one stone!


The day came. The MOWOS team was allowed to enter the band's private area in the Olympic Stadium. It was clear that the former number 1 of world tennis was enjoying his new TV work. He visibly enjoyed placing his hands in the cement. Next to him, Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks did the same.


They were all happy and each of them was presented with a large gingerbread heart. Meanwhile, Phil Collins raved about the quality of Munich beer and thanked the organisers for making him feel at home by hanging up a Union Jack flag. Later, Boris Becker did indeed take his place in the VIP stand to watch the great show put on by his TV guests as they played to the 70,000 crowd.