Event Venues in the Olympic Park Munich


With this unique concentration and combination of different event and leisure venues and corresponding offers, the Olympic Park Munich has developed into one of the most important centres of its kind.

Five decades have passed since the 1972 Games and the Olympic Park Munich is still a unique place full of life. Most Olympic venues are now history, but in Munich a leisure and event centre of worldwide renown has established itself to this day. Around 225.9 million registered visitors since the mega-event of 1972 speak for themselves.

The Olympic Park Munich impresses with its outstanding architecture and is still at the cutting edge of technology. Because - unlike many other Olympic sites - it is filled with life every day. Year after year, four million people come to the park, either to do sport, to take advantage of tourist offers or to attend the many high-profile events. And this number does not even include the many thousands of walkers or joggers.

Several hundred events take place each year at various locations throughout the Olympic Park. So there is hardly a day when there is nothing going on in the park. The Olympic Stadium is known for its open-air events and major sporting events. The Olympic Hall, which is usually sold out, is occupied by rock and pop concerts, sporting events, exhibitions or trade fairs on more than 200 days a year. The Olympic Stadium with a maximum capacity of 77,337 and the Olympic Hall with almost 15,273 seats are the two largest event locations in Munich and the surrounding area.

The Olympic Park Munich is not only a magnet for tourists or for lovers of unique architecture, but also for the people of Munich who spend their free time here. Munich residents attend concerts or sporting events here or do their own sports in the Olympic swimming hall or the Olympic ice sports centre. All in all, the Olympic Park Munich is a uniquely varied place and more lively than any other Olympic Park in the world.

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