ZZ Top / Billy Gibbons


As the distinguished trademark it would have made more sense to eternalize his beard. To be honest, this could have turned out to be a bit of a challenge.

So Billy Gibbons finally used his hands, the founder and frontman of the nothing but resilient bluesrock band ZZ Top, who were already touring around when the “Oberwiesenfeld” was still home to a huge construction site for the forthcoming Olympic Games in 1972. Having fallen in love with Munich and the Bavarian lifestyle many years ago Billy wore his “Trachtenjanker”, a traditional wool jacket he had once bought her. For the benign arrangement of the imprint he took his time und subjoined a bottleneck, a tubular metal slide for the fingers of a guitarist.

Later in the evening they ignited some musical fireworks on stage playing their greatest hits of their entire repertoire, Billy’s Blues’n’Boogieband. From B to ZZ.