Another premiere: Xavier Naidoo has been immortalised at the Bayern3 Radio Station in front of the studio of the early morning show. No other star so far has had to get up so early, but Xavier was full of beans as he placed his hands in the cement shortly after the Morning Show at 9.00 a.m.


Naidoo had been in the studios of Bayern3 at Rundfunkplatz in Munich since 5 a.m. and was telling the story of his life. He also mentioned the impending commemoration in the Walk of Stars at the Olympic Park. Then it was out of the studio and into the cement! Seeing the 90x90 cm slab, he was visibly dismayed about his small hands. So much so, that he immediately wrote down this discovery in the cement.


What the heck! These small hands have achieved great things anyhow. He has even appeared in the Olympic Stadium already as part of the FIFA World Cup Concert "3 Orchestras & Stars". And he has filled the Olympic Hall on several occasions already. The double concert this year was also a premiere.