As an "early" Christmas present, PUR were allowed to immortalise themselves in the Walk of Stars.

On this fourth Advent, there was some real (German) rock pop in the Olympic Hall. But before PUR went into the Olympic Hall for their sound check, the band was honoured for their successes in the Olympic Park. In fact, PUR have already been on stage in the Olympic Hall ten times and the performances at the Night of the Proms 2007 have to be added to that.

Seven band members are of course quite a lot for the 90x90 MOWOS record. But with one hand per artist, it worked out... Hartmut Engler & Co pressed in step - seven times the right hand! And bassist Joe Crawford wrote the date and band name in the cement in clear big lines.

So the last immortalisation in 2015 had gone over successfully. Since the founding of the Munich Olympic Walk of Stars in 2003, the team has now mixed cement on 77 dates.