06/22/2005: A "meat loaf" in cement. To make this possible, the MOWOS crew actually went on a journey. Even though it was over 30 C in the shade.

For the second time in the history of the MOWOS the star was immortalized "away from home". But the journey only took them as far as the neighbouring grounds of the Tollwood Festival. Under the scorching sun the cement had to be mixed for the precise minute as the ceremony was held outside in the open.

Meat Loaf suffered somewhat under the summer temperatures but he came dead on time and everything went according to plan. And then things got even hotter: His show took place in the Tollwood tent in the evening and, at temperatures estimated between 40 and 50 C under the domed roof, stamina was demanded of singer and audience.

His performances in the Olympic Hall were easier. Meat Loaf made his breakthrough in 1975 with the role of Eddie in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. His legendary album "Bat Out of Hell" alone sold 30 million copies.

In the 80s not much was heard of him but with "Bat Out of Hell II" the bombastic rocker made a sensational comeback at the beginning of the 90s and once more filled the Olympic Hall. His characteristic voice was heard last in October 2003 when the Olympic Hall was once again fully sold out.