06/13/2003: The mega group Bon Jovi made use of the time before the open air concert in the Olympic stadium to immortalize themselves in MOWOS.

During their stay in Munich members of one of the best known and most popular rock groups left their imprints in cement. The musicians of the successful US group Bon Jovi immortalized themselves by imprinting their hands and signatures in cement prior to their sold-out concert in the Olympic stadium.

As an encore, Jon Bon Jovi even pressed his sunglasses into the wet mass. Actually, the photographers had only asked him to take off his sunglasses just for the photo. Anyway, his imprint now has an additional cool look about it. As the group are top professionals, the procedure was cool and relaxed, although it did begin with a slightly delay. Richie Samora had to be flown in by helicopter from the airport.

Around the stadium there were traffic congestions as early as 4 p.m., four hours before the US rock band was due to appear. Jon Bon Jovi and Band will now decorate the Munich Olympic Walk of Stars at the Olympic lake alongside other outstanding personalities.