22.12.2005: The white voice of soul, Mick Hucknall, better know as the singer of his band Simply Red, left his mark on the music scene in the mid-1980s when he rocketed to the top of the charts. He has now left his mark in the Walk of Stars in recognition of his successes in the Olympic Hall.



With his hands full of Munich "muck", Mick Hucknall nevertheless grinned from ear to ear as he pressed his mark onto the cement. The smile may have been a little forced, after all he was about to go on stage and was wearing elegant concert clothes. No doubt the Munich Olympic Walk of Stars (MOWOS) ceremony therefore made him a bit uneasy. Nevertheless, the English musician took part in the MOWOS ceremony in good grace.


The support band's drummer provided a nice surprise. When Hucknall entered the small Olympic Hall, the young man from Frankfurt contributed a tremendous drum roll. Mick thanked the talented drummer and the TV camera crews had a lovely scene in the can.


The drummer was almost bursting with pride. The global star from Manchester signed himself with "Simply Mick" in the moist MOWOS cement and confirmed he was looking forward to the concert: "I think we've reached a high point. The band is playing at the top of its form." Hucknall and his band Simply Red have sold more than 50 million records worldwide and they subsequently confirmed their popularity in the Olympic Hall.