Sat 02.02.2019

Andreas Kieling live

Longing for the Wilderness

“Germany is the most beautiful country in the world” – that’s how Andreas Kieling puts it. More specifically, his homeland is the source of his love for nature conservation and the wilderness in general.

During his worldwide travels, Andreas captured breath-taking images of exotic animals on camera. Yet it was the pictures that he took in his homeland that impressed him the most. About a dozen animal species, some highly endangered, move about various habitats entering into the urban areas in search of food. The sheer diversity of animal life in Germany makes one wonder. In the first part of his show, there are amazing shots of black roosters, wild cranes, deer and wild boar. You can follow him on his travels paddling a canoe down the Rhine with his family as he tracks large predators such as lynx, wolves and eagles. In the second part, Andreas takes you to mysterious places in Central and East Africa, to the Kenyan Mountains, the Amboseli National Park and to the Masai Mara National Reserve. The show is a virtual safari with white rhinos, reticulated giraffes, grey zebras, lions and elephants. From Lake Tanganyika, the world's second largest freshwater lake, he embarks on the first of three challenging expeditions into the mountain rainforests of Tanzania. As one discovers in this impressive montage, here live the world’s largest population of wild chimpanzees. This is surely an adventure trip not to be missed, with live commentary by the author.
07:30 PM

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