Sun 15.10.2023

Mental Health Crowd

Charity run for mental health

AOK excercise area

The Mental Health Crowd around Dominique de Marné is realising a long-cherished wish: On 15 October 2023, the 1st Mental Health Run will take place in Germany. Around 1,000 participants are expected in Munich's Olympic Park, supported by co-initiator AOK Bayern and the medconference agency. The signs are good that Olympic ski jumping champion Sven Hannawald will give the starting signal.

The idea of the Mental Health Rocks Run is to openly address mental health. Dominique de Marné, an expert in the field of mental health, and Cornelia Wanke from medconference conceived the event. AOK Bavaria supports the event as co-initiator and health partner to create awareness and contribute to destigmatisation.

The run offers a five-kilometre course in the Olympic Park, divided into sections with different mental health topics. The goal is a casual encounter and an open approach to the topic. Competitive participants will get their money's worth at the 1st Mental Health Rocks Run, as will beginners, families, running and mental health fans. Participants have ticket options from 19 to 59 euros and should, above all, enjoy the event and have the opportunity to exchange ideas.

With the 1st Mental Health Rocks Run, the organisers not only want to draw attention to this important topic and encourage people to exercise more, but they will also donate part of the proceeds to social projects. "This way, the run is a win-win for all of us," say Wanke and de Marné.

The 1st Mental Health Rocks Run on 15 October 2023
- at the AOK Bayern exercise island in the Olympic Park
- Participants can run one or more laps of the measured 5-kilometre course.
- Participants will receive a comprehensive starter package with a backpack, T-shirt and goodies on the subject of mental health, as well as drinks and food.

10:00 AM
Entry 10:00 AM
AOK excercise area


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