Tue 12.12.2017

Michael Patrick Kelly

TOUR 2017

There is hardly any other musician with such a fascinating life story such as that of Michael Patrick Kelly. He was already on stage when he was as young as 10 days, and quickly became a child star.

“Paddy’s” popularity increased immensely in the 1990s: With the Kelly Family he turned from a street musician to a stadium act. As “Music-Man” and producer of the band, Michael Patrick Kelly wrote the majority of the songs such as, for example, the worldwide hit “An Angel”. In 2004, the charismatic singer-songwriter turns his back on show business and, after becoming a monk, spends six years in a monastery on a search for meaning. Withdrawn from the public, he studied philosophy and theology. He documents his cautious return to music on his solo album “Ruah”, which contains songs he has written in the monastery. In 2015, his album “Human” enters the German album charts in 3rd place and is followed by an extended European tour.
8:00 PM

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