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"You are precious" Tour 2024

Olympic Hall

The music project for schools of all types & choirs provides an overwhelming concert experience. 6000 children sing their own arena concert in the choir!

After months of rehearsals with the teaching material created especially for them, thousands of children's voices rise up again shortly before the summer holidays to sing an entire concert repertoire together in the choir. Accompanied by a 16-piece live band and a breathtaking stage show for the whole family, the children create overwhelming concert experiences and goosebump moments with their performances. With new songs from pop, folk and classical music under the motto "You are precious", the final concerts of the music project are scheduled for June 2024 in the largest concert venues in the regions, including Munich in the Olympic Hall on 25 June 2024.

Inspiration for music lessons and choral work

6K UNITED! aims to inspire children to sing and make music in the long term and offer teachers, music educators and choir leaders variety, inspiration and expertise for innovative, holistic and lively music lessons. The project promotes basic musical skills, a sense of rhythm and the correct use of one's own voice. 6K UNITED! brings together thousands of children from all types of schools, social classes and cultures. 6K UNITED! creates enormous self-confidence and strengthens concentration and team spirit. The anticipation of the concerts allows all participants to surpass themselves and grow together.

The 2024 repertoire - "You are precious"

At the concert at the latest, everyone will not only know, but also experience this personally: Only if we truly see everyone else (and ourselves) as valuable can we create something great together. In the concerts, children from all types of schools sing together. During rehearsals, they learn that such a professional concert can only be performed TOGETHER. The musical and educational director Prof Fabian Sennholz trains prospective music teachers for all types of schools at the Frankfurt University of Music and is Tim Bendzko's musical director. He trains the participating teachers in teacher workshops and conducts the choirs on the concert days. For 2024, Fabian has compiled new songs and arranged them in a child-friendly way, suitable for all types of schools thanks to different levels of difficulty.

Final concerts as the highlight

The highlights of the project are the big final concerts. In the large arenas where the children's idols usually perform, up to 6,000 participants come together to sing the songs they have learnt for the first time as part of what is probably the largest children's choir in Germany. On the day of the concert, the children surpass themselves. They are the stars and together they create deeply moving and memorable concert experiences. It is touching to feel the pride and excitement of all the participants. Families, friends and everyone else experience the overwhelming spirit that makes the 6K UNITED! concerts something very special.

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Olympic Hall


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