Sat 06.01.2024

Aladin - the Musical

A highlight for the whole family!

Small Olympic Hall

The story of Aladdin, Yasmin and the Genie in the magic lamp is world-famous. In a modern, rousing and fast-paced version, the Liberi Theatre brings the fairy tale to the stage of the Small Olympic Hall on 6 January 2024. A thrilling new production with specially composed hits, plenty of suspense and a lot of humour: this promises the best musical entertainment for the whole family.

It is an adventure full of magic: the fairy tale of Aladdin and the princess Yasmin, who desperately tries to protect her people from the nasty sorcerer Jafar. A sinister villain who wants to seize power with the help of a legendary lamp. When Aladdin discovers the secret of the magic lamp and frees the enchanted Genie, the story takes an unexpected turn. But it takes more than just a genie to help Yasmin and thwart Jafar's devious plans. It is still a long way to the happy end...

In the production of Theater Liberi, the story from 1001 Nights becomes a modern tale of courage, self-determination and friendship. As in previous musical productions such as "Tarzan", "Jungle Book" and "Beauty and the Beast", the Bochum ensemble creates the perfect setting for two hours of exciting and touching entertainment with its own compositions and new choreographies, fantastic lighting effects, elegant costumes and a unique stage design. A colourful and imaginative spectacle in the Small Olympic Hall, as a highlight during the Christmas holidays for all generations.

11:00 AM
Entry 10:00 AM
3:00 PM
Entry 2:00 PM
Small Olympic Hall


Theater Liberi

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