Sat 25.01.2025


Out of Office Tour 2025

Olympic Hall

He has been one of the most successful German musicians for more than ten years - a celebrated top star in the rap and hip-hop scene. Now Alligatoah has dared to make a radical and hard stylistic break. With his seventh studio album "Off", the singer has released a powerful longplayer, a crossover between heavy metal, nu metal and hip hop - Alligatoah can be seen live in the Olympic Hall on 25 January 2025.

As recently as November 2023, everything pointed to the end of his career. After the end of his tour, Alligatoah deleted his website and all posts on his Instagram account. He also released a new version of his song "Trauerfeier-Lied" from 2013. Was this the sudden end of a great career? Of course not. Because he actually already had his new album in production, which he released in March 2024. 

"Off" is an explosive mixture of different types of heavy metal and classic hip-hop beats, crossed with a fat 90s sound. With howling electric guitars and multi-dimensional double bass hammering, the artist spreads a brute nu-metal spirit - and pays homage to the heroes of his childhood. What's more, for the production of his seventh studio album, he was not only able to secure Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst as support. But also the Guano Apes, the band whose album "Proud Like A God" was the first CD that the singer, who grew up as Lukas Strobel in the province of Lower Saxony, once bought with his own pocket money. So instead of ending his career, Alligatoah is opening a new chapter in his musical history.

08:00 PM
Entry 06:30 PM
Olympic Hall


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