Sat 07.04.2018

Andrea Bocelli

World Tour 2018

The most popular tenor in the world comes to an exclusive concert tour to Germany in 2018, more than two decades after his unforgettable hit "Time to say Goodbye".

The unique concert tour with exclusive live concert shows, barnstorming orchestra and a choir of the extra class promises to be a musical highlight of the top class. Andrea Bocelli, the "voice of God", will inspire his fans with his extraordinary concerts in Germany. Famous songs are brought to new spheres with the support of an impressive orchestra, a choir and other soloists. A total of more than 150 musicians offer a special kind of listening experience. 20 years after his unforgettable hit "Time to say Goodbye" the tenor with "the voice of God" (Celine Dion) finally returns in 2018 to a unique concert tour back to Germany. The hit "Time to say Goodbye"  which  Andrea Bocelli sang with Sarah Brightman dominated for  month the German charts and got sold almost 3 million times. The song with the legendary farewell to Henry Maske was also unforgettable. Andrea Bocelli touches the people in a very wonderful way and so you can already look forward to an unforgettable and exciting concert evening!
08:00 PM

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