Sat 01.07.2017

Andreas Gabalier

The greatest folk rock n’ roll show in the world – 2.0

After the sensational success of his first stadium show, it is now confirmed: on July 1, 2017, folk rock n' roller Andreas Gabalier will perform at the Munich Olympiastadion for the second time!

He's at the zenith of his career: never before has an artist drawn so many fans into the Olympic Stadium. Not even the Rolling Stones managed to do what the Mountain Man from Graz did: sold out months in advance, the charming Austrian’s show was enjoyed by more than 70,000 spectators, becoming the world's largest folk rock n' roll show ever. A spectacular 45 m high stage, international stage show, and above all the uncontainable passion of this true-born musician made the concert a thrilling generator of goose-bumps. The arena was filled to the brim with a sea of ecstatic Austrians, who kept on rocking, singing, and dancing for over 3 hours. An electrifying atmosphere brought to a climax by hits like “I sing a Liad für di” and “Hulapalu”, paired with Gabalier’s own hip-swinging. This is Gabalier at his best, someone who from the heights of the musical Olympus can touch, elate and captivate his audience like no other.
07:00 PM

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