Sat 17.11.2018

Andreas Gabalier

Arena Concerts 2018

Big, biggeer – Andreas Gabalier. The Mountain Man’s success continues unabated.

Andreas Gabalier is coming to the Munich Olympic Hall - the Austrian folk rocker has announced the dates of his upcoming arean tour. Folk rocker Andreas Gabalier has been singing to packed stadiums for years. 2017’s mega-concerts in the Munich Olympic Stadium and at Hockenheimring brought more than 160,000 fans. Those wanting tickets must always act fast, because the dates are often sold out almost immediately: the 2017 show in the Olympic Stadium was sold out after just 109 days, and Part III of the “Greatest Folk Rock’n’Roll Show in the World”, returning to Munich on 16 June 2018, is already sold out after just three months! The man has made it big. And yet, for all his success in front of massive audiences, still enjoys playing in smaller venues where the atmosphere is more intimate than in a stadium, where the fans are closer to their Andy – and he to them.
08:00 PM

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