Thu 13.12.2018

Angelo Kelly Family


After the Kelly Family’s magnificent comeback with their number one album and sold-out shows, Angelo Kelly is taking the coming year to focus once more on making music with his own family.

The passionate musician is going back on the road next year with his wife Kira and their five children on their Irish Christmas Tour, as they did in 2016. For three years, Angelo Kelly and his family travelled all over Europe. In 2013 they settled down in Ireland, and Angelo began to focus intensively on making music with his children. It became quickly clear that this family makes wonderful music together! They took to the stage for successful performances as an independent music group. Their first Irish Christmas Tour played to sold-out venues. Both their fans and the media were thrilled with the family’s live appearances. After taking a year off to concentrate fully on a comeback with his siblings, Angelo now looks forward to performing with Kira, their children, and other superb musicians in the 2018 Advent season. Inspired by their new home in Ireland, Angelo and his family want to bring the traditions of an Irish family Christmas Eve to their fans. To this end they interpret Christmas classics, known to nearly all in their pop, jazz, or classical versions, in an entirely new way. Angelo Kelly & family get closer than ever to their audience in an elaborate show created with much love for detail. They are joined onstage by six exceptional musicians from the international traditional folk scene. The recognisable and fascinating Kelly voices are guaranteed to give listeners goosebumps.
07:00 PM

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