Th 10.08. - Fr 11.08.2023


Live 2023

Olympic Hall

It will be a small anniversary. Ten years after the release of their first album, which they recorded themselves at the time, AnnenMayKantereit are back on tour. Only a few months after the release of their new longplayer "Es ist Abend und wir sitzen bei mir", the "three music making dudes", as they call themselves, will also be making a guest appearance at the Olympiahalle - and on two evenings, on 10 and 11 August 2023.

The three school friends from Cologne first performed at the Olympic Park in September 2022, back then as one of the much-acclaimed main acts at the premiere of the Superbloom Festival. Now AnnenMayKantereit are returning to the park, with what they say are "a few wonderful surprises" in their luggage for their two debut performances in the Olympic Hall. So fans can look forward to old hits from their first three studio albums "Alls nix Konkretes", "Schlagschatten" and "12" as well as new songs from their new release "Es ist Abend und wir sitzen bei mir".

The trio provided a small foretaste of the fourth album with the video for "Es ist Abend", in which Christopher Annen, Henning May and Severin Kantereit performed the piece in a contemplative atmosphere. During the production of their album, they were not only musicians and songwriters, but always hosts as well: "We were crazy about having friends come to the rehearsal room and hang out with us. Have a nice evening and see what happens." This turned into a lot of nice evenings and finally a wonderful album.

There are guaranteed to be two nice evenings with AnnenMayKantereit on 10 and 11 August in the Olympic Hall.


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