Sun 14.01.2018

Bibi Tina

the big show

The merry-go-round of friendship continues to turn and Bibi & Tina resume their Arena tour. The live spectacle about the original movies returns to the Olympic Hall.

The cult status of the title heroines Bibi & Tina has already lasted for over 25 years: Cassettes, books, movies and soundtracks that have received numerous awards delight an audience of millions for – in the meantime – half a century. This success story is currently crowned with a two-hour live musical, in which the eternally thirteen-year old girls Bibi Blocksberg and her best friend Tina Martin have to undertake a musical adventure. The hits from the original “Bibi & Tina” movies provide the background for the core themes of the piece: Friendship, fellowship and team spirit. True to the motto: “One for all, all for one”. The fourth and last movie of the “Bibi & Tina” blockbusters, “Tohuwabohu Total”, appears on 23 February 2016. Co-producer Ulf Leo Sommer adds: “Even if the fourth part of the movie is the conclusion, we are keeping the cult figures alive on the large live stage.”
04:00 PM

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