Sun 12.06.2011

Bon Jovi

The great rockers are back!

BON JOVI is the most successful rock band in the world and they are back in Germany, with its Open Air Tour 2011.

Important Notice Regarding the Closure of the S-Bahn Mainline over Whitsuntide

During the Whitsuntide Holidays, the main train line
will be closed due to construction works between Ostbahnhof and Pasing. This closure also concerns the Bon Jovi Concert on 12 June in the Olympic Stadium. Due to the construction works, the S1, S2, S6 and S7 will finish at the main train station (Hauptbahnhof). The S3 and S4 will finish in Pasing. The trains travelling East will finish at Ostbahnhof. The S8 starts at Pasing, travels South without stopping to the main station in the East (Ostbahnhof )and from there, will continue to Daglfing without stopping.
In the outer circle, the trains (S-Bahns) will be running according to plan. There will be rail replacement with bus services between Pasing and the main East station (Ostbahnhof) that will stop at all S-Bahn stations. The majority of the buses will be running from Friday and Saturday every 3 minutes and on Sundays and Mondays every 5 minutes. Unfortunately, In addition to the rail closure, there are several constructions works on the roads, thus more than likely there be traffic jams and transport chaos at all Olympic Park Events during this time. In order to get to the Olympic Park in good time, we recommend that guests use public transport, the P&R System and generally leave enough time to the Park on time. Motorists are highly recommended to drive directly to the parking places and not drive via the Lerchenauer Strasse.
10:00 AM

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