Fri 22.02.2019

Bonez MC RAF Camora


It’s almost exactly two years ago that famed duo, Bonez MC & RAF Camora released "Palmen Aus Plastik", one of the most successful German albums of the year. Remaining in the German album charts for over a year and peaking at number #1 for several weeks, the record turned multiple platinum, was streamed hundreds of millions of times online and quickly sold-out concerts.

Set for release in October, the new album "Palmen Aus Plastik 2" will no doubt catapult the successful duo back to the top of the charts again, setting new records in online streaming.   With their first single "500 PS", Bonez MC & RAF Camora have already exceeded 3 million views on YouTube and been streamed 13 million times on Spotify in less than two weeks. In summer 2019, their popular dancehall sounds are sure to continue to the end of the year and beyond.   Spring 2019 will see the “Deutsch Rappers” spearhead an extended European concert tour with audiences expected to total 150,000. And on 22nd February, the fabled duo will finally return to Munich to play the Olympic Hall for the very first time!   +++ No admission to children under the age of 10. Persons up to the age of 16: only if accompanied by a parent or guardian.   Unaccompanied admission is permitted from the age of 16 and older.   The so-called "Muttizettel" is not needed, but identity documents (or passports) of both persons (under-age spectator & guardian) are required.

7:00 PM

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