Tue 11.06.2019

Bryan Adams

Shine A Light-Tour

With an astonishing and diverse career spanning over four decades, in June, Bryan Adams is set for a stopover in Munich. Preceding his "Shine A Light Tour", his latest album of the same title comes out in March.

Winner of multiple Grammy Awards and considered one of the most successful singer/songwriters in rock, Bryan Adams’ energetic live performances delight his fans as he knocks out one hit number after another. The Canadian rock star has become used to finding himself at the top of the charts, with his albums scoring multiple gold and platinum. Bryan Adams 80’s hits including "Reckless", "Summer of '69", "Somebody", "Run to You" and "Cuts like a Knife", turned him into a household name decades ago. With his classic raspy vocals, Bryan Adams boasts a stylistic versatility, ranging from his signature rock anthems to catchy, melodic ballads. Taken from the movie: 'Robin Hood', "Everything I Do", has gone down as one of the most successful rock ballads of all time. Bryan Adams’ energetic two-hour live performances culminate with hits such as, "Let's Make a Night to Remember". And when he belts out "Straight from The Heart", you can be sure that it really means it!
08:00 PM

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