Mo 20.12. - Tu 21.12.2021


In The Ä Tonight Tour

After long struggles, extensive discussions and weighing all the facts known to us, we have decided to completely cancel the "IN THE Ä TONIGHT" tour.

Die Ärzte are a band from Berlin (froooom Berlin!) When the trio (their name translates as “The Doctors”) started out in 1982, they were initially unsuccessful and their early live shows were marked by the complete chaos into which they usually degenerated. The band weren’t even able to finish their set as they rolled around on the stage floor laughing at their own jokes in front of bemused, but more often perplexed audiences. Even as their musical skills improved throughout the rest of the 1980’s, Die Ärzte came under the increasing scrutiny of German censors, mainly due to their idiosyncratic lyrics, which ventured into proscribed topics such as incest. This earned them the dubious title of "Germany's most indexed band". Much has happened since those days: the band split up before subsequently reuniting, putting out a number of albums & selling out shows in the biggest halls and arenas throughout Germany.

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