Mon 25.10.2021



The effects of the Covid 19 pandemic have hit the cultural and event sector particularly hard and continue to be clearly felt. Due to these facts, a new re-organization of the entire tour, which also affected the tour stops in all other countries, was unfortunately unavoidable. Unfortunately, this also led to scheduling conflicts which meant that, despite all efforts, some concerts, including Munich, had to be cancelled with a heavy heart without replacement. The tickets for the canceled concerts can be returned at the advance booking offices where they were purchased.

For over 20 years, Freddy Malinowski and Martin Hein have proven the connection between fantasy and hit records. Few other artists are able to lead their fans into an exuberant FANTASY world, also spanning gentler moments of passion. Full-on entertainment is guaranteed at every FANTASY show, with the Schlager duo playing to sold-out arenas. The big TV shows can get enough of FANTASY, who have positioned themselves front and centre of the German Schlager scene. With their dynamic career still having a long way to go, FANTASY fans can look forward to the GREAT CASANOVA ARENA TOUR, with all sorts of exciting highlights.
8:00 PM

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