Su 15.08.2021

CANCELLED Hollywood Vampires

Live 2021

We are more than disappointed to announce that the Hollywood Vampires European tour planned for the summer and also the show in Munich has to be canceled. We tried everything to let the tour take place, but unfortunately it is simply not possible due to the uncertainty of the European Covid-19 travel restrictions.

Based around Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper and Joe Perry (Aerosmith), the band are about to shed their image as “the world’s most expensive cover band" (Alice Cooper). With convincing renditions of rock classics such as "Whole Lotta Love" (Led Zeppelin), "Cold Turkey" (John Lennon) or "My Generation" (The Who), the band that originally got together for the fun of making music, has since penned a number of their own compositions. On their second album: “Rise”, the ‘Trio Infernale’ have retained their stylistic consistency while developing their post-modern, homegrown brand of hard rock. Nevertheless, the star-studded trio haven’t completely eschewed new editions of well-known songs. Among these, is a renowned anthem with a clear German connection. David Bowie’s "Heroes” (vocals by Johnny Depp) was originally recorded in the Hansa Studios in Berlin, sometime between July and August 1977! On the eve of the release of their second CD (on earMUSIC), the band declared: "We didn't want it to sound like an Alice Cooper album, nor like an Aerosmith album”. As guitarist Joe Perry puts it: “This record allows everyone to show their best without anyone have to look over their shoulder". When the Hollywood Vampires swoop in with their star backing band, one thing is certain: their biting concerts are sure to be one of the highlight Events – be sure not to miss them!

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