Fri 25.02.2022

CANCELLED Sieben Kontinente ein Planet


Unfortunately, due to the Corona pandemic and the resulting current situation, we are forced to cancel the event dates of the "Sieben Kontinente, ein Planet - Live in Concert" tours planned for February 2022 without replacement. Due to the current development of incidences, we consider the self-cancellation to be an important safety measure with regard to the health of those involved in the production as well as all our guests. Furthermore, we see it as an indispensable measure to reduce the risk of an aggravation of the situation and thus to ensure the possibility for a timely and sustainable return to more normality in the cultural landscape. Please contact the advance booking office where you purchased your ticket regarding the reversal.

The brand-new BBC series, "Seven Worlds, One Planet" was premiered on TV in autumn 2019. This spectacular nature documentary will soon come to the Munich Olympic Hall, staged as a "Live Concert" production, with a large symphony orchestra and choir. The seven-part documentary will be premiered on German TV under the title: "Seven Continents – One Planet". The BBC series takes viewers on an epic journey: Millions of years ago, unimaginable forces tore the earth's crust apart creating the seven continents – each with a specific climate, its own topography and unique flora and fauna. The live adaptation of “Seven Continents, One Planet – Live in Concert” projects a selection of the most spectacular scenes from the TV series on a huge LED screen, with the accompaniment of a live symphony orchestra. As the perfect counterpoint to the picture, the music was composed by renowned Oscar-winning musician from Frankfurt, Hans Zimmer as well as Jacob Shea. The production is by Bleeding Fingers Music. Audiences are taken on a worldwide odyssey, discovering seven continents each with its own unique stories: from the colourful paradise of South America to the endless Asian expanses, from the ice worlds of Antarctica to the searing heat of Africa, from North America to Australasia and then to Europe. Presented live by Dirk Steffens
8:00 PM

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