Sat 15.02. - Sun 16.02.2020

CAVALLUNA Legend of the desert

Passion for Horses

CAVALLUNA, Europe's most popular equestrian show returns to Munich’s Olympic Hall on 15th and 16th February 2020, transforming the venue into a fantasy playground where dreams are played out.

In the new “Legend of the Desert", the award-winning CAVALLUNA team builds on its previous successes, taking the spectacular horse show to new heights. Based on the strong bond between horse and rider, the show features daring stunts, elegant dressage and dreamlike fantasy scenes. Among the stars of the show are the famous horse-trainer, Kenzie Dysli, in the leading role, who is just as excited at returning to the Olympic Hall stage as those who are appearing for the first time. GET READY FOR THE LEGEND OF THE DESERT! The mythical story revolves around a princess of a desert tribe who faces an unenviable task: unravelling the mystery of the legendary Amazons of the Elements to save her people and the world at large! Will she succeed in her apocalyptical mission in time to save the world from destruction? Find out more about the show at
3:00 PM

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