Sa 05.03. - Su 06.03.2022



Also this year, the Apassionata World GmbH as organizer of CAVALLUNA has confronted with various challenges. Due to the corona-related requirements, the date in Munich has therefore been moved from January 2022 to March 2022. Already purchased tickets still keep their seat-exact validity for the above-mentioned rescheduled date.

Europe’s most successful horse show is back! This year, we are celebrating the return of the popular CAVALLUNA show with a compilation of the most beautiful scenes and riding highlights in an exceptional tour that enables unforgettable moments. After a long wait, “CELEBRATION” is finally treating the audience to experience the most popular riders and horses in the arena, and to admire their unique performances. CAVALLUNA – “CELEBRATION!” stands for magical liberty dressage acts through to trick riding full of action, harmonious dressage, cheerful comedy and breathtaking LED performances that will inspire the audience in the biggest arenas throughout Europe, inviting you to dream. The story At CAVALLUNA – “CELEBRATION!” the audience gets to experience the most beautiful moments of the past years with the three main characters Alana, Tahin and Samira, all of whom are entrusted with incredible tasks: The journey starts with the dreamy girl Alana who searches different countries for people with light-filled hearts, the so-called “Companions of Light”. Only they can help Alana to save the earth from bitter cold and infinite darkness. Meanwhile, young Tahin finds himself in the fabulous “World of Fantasy”: In a place far from everyday life where his wishes come true, he meets a beautiful girl called Naia, and has to learn to trust in fate and himself. At the same time, the beautiful crown princess Samira faces her evil cousin Abdul who tries to seize power over her country. Only the four Amazons of the Elements – Fire, Water, Air and Earth – can help her to stop her power-crazed cousin’s diabolic plans and save her people…

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