Sat 09.03. - Sun 10.03.2019

CAVALLUNA World of Phantasie

Passion for Horses

The most popular horse show in Europe is back and on the verge of its biggest tour yet. At its Munich performance, "CAVALLUNA - World of Fantasy" is set to captivate audiences with a fantastic display of horsemanship, acrobatics and dance – all set to music.

With his amazing slideshow, grandiose production and distinctive soundtrack Klaus Hillebrecht, the "Gefährten des Lichts" director, composer and author has already wowed audiences exceeding 420,000. Playing to packed European arenas, the show has been described as by far the best for many years. Building on previous successes, the Emmy-nominated Hillebrecht presents the spectacle of the most stunning horse breeds in Europe on a completely different scale. In "CAVALLUNA - World of Fantasy", fantasy sequences are accompanied by spellbinding performances with man and beast in perfect harmony as they bring this wonderful story to life. "World of Fantasy" takes the audience on an unforgettable journey: The young Tahin discovers a fantasy world in which his deepest desires and secret dreams both become reality. Between enchanted forests and otherworldly creatures, he comes across the beautiful Naia, who takes him on a journey through her enchanting homeland. But when he tries to bring the mysterious girl into his everyday life to be together, he faces a difficult task: can he trust his destiny and make his dreams come true? Will Tahin succeed in finding happiness living between these two very different worlds? Describing the new show, Director Johannes Mock-O'Hara said: "With CAVALLUNA, we stayed focused on what we’ve been doing best for many years: sharing our passion and love for horses with European audiences in unforgettable shows that will touch their hearts".

03:00 PM

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