Wed 04.04.2018

Cesar Millan

“Once Upon A Dog” - Live on Tour 2018

Dog lovers can rejoice - American “DogWhisperer” Cesar Millan is coming back to the Munich Olympic Hall in spring 2018 with his new program “Once Upon a Dog”.

In "Once Upon A Dog", Cesar shows his audiences the right way to interact with our beloved companions in his usual style but with new examples - both live and in "magical" videos. In his new programme "Once Upon A Dog", Cesar Millan tackles existential questions on the co-existence between dogs and their owners, such as: What constitutes a good relationship between human and dog, and what contributes to its breakdown? What the first impression I make on my dog, and how does he react? How is my energy transmitted to my dog, and how can I manage my energy so that my four-legged friend will heed without auxiliary means? Why did my sweet lapdog mutate into a house tyrant? These and other questions which dog owners face daily will be discussed in his live “edutainment” show. Always informative, interesting and amusing, he gives an entertaining show together with both four-legged and two-legged friends, so that audiences can bring his wisdom home and apply it to their relationships with their own animals.   In addition, Jan Köppen, moderator for „Ninja Warrior Germany“, „Dance Dance Dance“, „Buschi vs. Köppen“, assists at shows for German-speaking audiences in order to help Cesar Millan's message get through.
08:00 PM

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