Thu 01.06.2017

Children run for children

Big charity run with sports festival for schools

It is already the fourth time that the charity run “Children run for children (Kinder laufen für Kinder in German)” is held in the Olympic Park.

Also this year, the initiative again invites all schools in Munich and the surrounding area to experience a day centred around sports.

After the run, many exciting types of sport can be tried. A special highlight is a large raffle with attractive class prizes. Celebrity support is provided by “Children run for children” fan Vanessa Meisinger from SuperRTL.

10 % of the donation amount raised can be retained by the schools for their own benefits.

Half of the other donations remain in Munich, for the benefit of the registered association Klinik Clown Bayern e.V, for regular clown visits in children’s hospitals in Munich.

The other half goes to projects in the area of HEALTH, EDUCATION and SOCIAL ISSUES.

9:00 AM

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